Hello, and welcome to the Historiette site

My name is Tiana Wilson-Buys.  I love history – always have.  And I love sharing my history explorations with other like-minded people.  Hence the birth of Historiette.

I have a particular interest in the medieval period (but I do explore and write about other historical periods too!).  And I love buildings and architecture in general.  So it’s no surprise then that you can often find me exploring medieval churches, old town walls, castles and forts.  And then I share my experiences with others – here and on social media.

You see, I believe we all need to know more about our history.  Our heritage.  This is where we come from.  It is part of our DNA.  For me, understanding more about our history somehow completes me, in a way.  And what is more fun than going on mini adventures to explore the past?

I hope, through Historiette, to inspire more people to explore amazing historical sites and buildings.

I invite you to explore the wonderful world of history with me.


Recent Posts

Iona Augustinian Nunnery

November 21, 2021

  I could almost feel the presence of the sisters of the old Augustinian order as I sat quietly in the chapter house of the…

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St Cuthbert’s Church, York

November 16, 2021

  As part of my research into Anchoritism during the Middle Ages in the North of England, I ventured to the ancient city of York. …

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St Leonard’s Hospital, York

November 13, 2021

  The ruins of the medieval St Leonard’s Hospital lie just on the edge of Museum Gardens in York.  The ancient building can be best…

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Duart Castle, Isle of Mull

November 6, 2021

  Powerful, dominant, and intimidating.  These are the words that spring to my mind seeing the castle fortress of Duart on the Isle of Mull…

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St Oran’s Chapel, Isle of Iona

October 27, 2021

  Local legend has it that St Oran’s Chapel is named after Oran, a faithful follower of St Columba.  The story goes that St Columba…

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Jedburgh Castle Jail, Scotland

October 20, 2021

  Not far from the magnificent Jedburgh Abbey, a Royal Castle was built in the 12th century.  Its location on the hill overlooking the town…

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St Martin le Grand, York

October 19, 2021

  Slightly hidden, just off Coney Street, is the ancient church of St Martin le Grand. Of course, the church is also known as St…

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Fala and Soutra Church, Scotland

August 17, 2021

  As is often the case when exploring, we stumbled across the little parish church of Fala and Soutra purely by chance.  After looking around…

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The Cadaver Synod

August 16, 2021

  Putting a Corpse on Trial – The Cadaver Synod of 897AD   Formosus was elected pope on 6 October 891. This was right in…

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Soutra Aisle, Scottish Borders

August 1, 2021

  On a windswept and desolate hill, just off the A68, stands the remains of Soutra Aisle.  It is here that we stopped on a…

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