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Hello, and welcome to the Historiette site

My name is Tiana Wilson-Buys.  I love history – always have.  And I love sharing my history explorations with other like-minded people.  Hence the birth of Historiette.

I have a particular interest in the medieval period (but I do explore and write about other historical periods too!).  And I love buildings and architecture in general.  So it’s no surprise then that you can often find me exploring medieval churches, old town walls, castles and forts.  And then I share my experiences with others – here and on social media.

You see, I believe we all need to know more about our history.  Our heritage.  This is where we come from.  It is part of our DNA.  For me, understanding more about our history somehow completes me, in a way.  And what is more fun than going on mini adventures to explore the past?

I hope, through Historiette, to inspire more people to explore amazing historical sites and buildings.

I invite you to explore the wonderful world of history with me.


Recent Posts

Church in the Attic, Amsterdam

Church in the Attic, Amsterdam

I’m off to explore a historical secret!  This has been on my bucket list for a while, so I’m very excited to be able to…

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Tynemouth Priory and Castle

Tynemouth Priory

    With lockdown restrictions easing evermore in England, it has become possible to start history exploring again – thank goodness!  Some heritage sites are…

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St Andrew’s Church, Newcastle

As lockdown measures in England are slowly being lifted, I was delighted to be able to start visiting the inside of historical sites.  So, for…

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Newcastle Medieval Town Walls

Newcastle medieval town walls

Newcastle-upon-Tyne is an old city.  Very old. With deep history. Of course, it wasn’t always called by its present name.  This area was known as Pons…

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De Oude Kerk Amsterdam

Oude Kerk Amsterdam

We’ve been looking forward to this trip for a while.  I love Amsterdam.  It is a city with a rich and diverse history and we…

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Bessie Surtees House – Newcastle

Bessie Surtees House

I was determined to go history exploring.  I’ve heard of the medieval merchant house on the Newcastle quayside, called the Bessie Surtees House and I…

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St Mary’s Chapel Jesmond

St Mary's Chapel Jesmond

Years before the Norman conquest, just North-East of the city centre of Newcastle, an apparition of the Virgin Mary holding the baby Jesus appeared.  This…

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Warkworth Castle – Western Defences

Lion Tower at Warkworth Castle

In part one and two of my series on Warkworth Castle, I talked about the towers forming part of the East walls, as well as…

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Warkworth Castle – Great Tower

Warkworth Castle Great Tower

Continuing with my series of blogs on Warkworth Castle in Northumberland, in this part, I focus on the Great Tower.  In part one, I explored…

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Warkworth Castle – Eastern Defences

Warkworth Castle Montagu Tower

It has been on my bucket list for a while, to visit the magnificent Warkworth Castle. So, we decided to take a Sunday trip to this…

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